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DNA 2012 Advancements – The Real Elite Seperation and Front for War – Chasing Oprah

Oprah looks 25 all of the sudden.How is this? DNA??? (joking..or)OPrah-winfrey-inhanced-2013-style

You may want to keep it in mind next time you think about shoplifting that candy bar, if it’s coding your DNA as a real scientific low life.

a-2013-02-16_1825-dna-new-rnd-002The Race. we know DNA can make you live longer and will possess the ability to shut down disease. What does this mean to the community that believes the world is right now over.populated? This of course is a myth, if there is any truth in this thinking its that when the population reaches a certain size it will be unable to be as easily controlled and will discover sciences as fast or faster than governments. Should Eugenicists or Population Controllers take a stand strongly for these population control agenda’s, how strongly will the take their stand? Strongly enough to prevent these advances? How would they do that now? What about those profiting from the current medical industry, namely “big insurance, and big pharmaceutical,” who would loose trillions each year? Will these people suppress this advancement or information? To what extremes will these humans go to secure their riches and grand lifestyles? Remember this is a golden science a rush of the rich if not already posses advanced abilities in DNA they will fast. One thing that’s going to be necessary is mass DNA sampling. For much of this science mass DNA sampling would advance things much faster. The science is here folks after 50 some years of calling the matter “Junk DNA” we now know the matter is the opposite of Junk, but the key to real health and long life, and with 15583186-blue-dna-helix-backgroundtodays medicine, its also the cure to economic troubles for many households. Imagine that you were impervious to cancer, or HIV and other disease. Is humanity even ready for this? The key thing to remember here as we learn about this exiting science age is that DNA is coding and storing the information about what choices you have made in both emotional and conscious understanding circumstances as you live your life. Simply put, should you know that a stock deal, trade or industry such as sub-prime is rigged and you push it anyway, you are genetically representing that scummy decision in your life’s DNA blue print, your life’s black box / recording device. I don’t know how there is not one article on the net right now that theorizes or points this out boldly enough. I have written a series on it, catch up my fellow humans, this is the cutting edge of a new existence for humanity!

tombstoneThe War. We would never know this war in truth, but I can see one coming. Should Obama Care, Big Pharma, or Big Insurance, or the population control people want to remain in power, or want to advance there agendas they will have to quickly, and seriously oppress the worlds population to do it. The would distract us with sickness, and other health issues, health politics (yes, did I just say health politics?), or some sort of disaster to take the focus off of attaining this information and ability as a world populous.

So what do we do here? We can compartmentalize the way we deal with health. This big ship health-care will sink us (or already is), so one staple part of capitalism can give us some BoYancy. That staple is competition and individual freedom to choose who attends to you health. Selectiveness is an option, take a look at the Oklahoma Surgery Center, at the end of the day flying there, or even internationally will cost you less inside health care you can trust more.Each time you visit these doctors make sure you turn them on to the DNA material we have so far. Press the science amongst your peers. Use it as something to talk about and create discussion. The faster we advance DNA research at the independent level world-wide, the faster we eliminate the need of some to keep the information and science held back. Bottom line get this information out, if your a geneticist of biologist get t2013-02-13_2055-dna-changes-music-making-yamahao work on this, its the most important science to humanity in the world.

You know me today as your true and loyal writer from Latin America Ania Rodriguez, what you may know me tomorrow as, well we will just have to see where this DNA stuff takes us..


Solutions – Want to really vote? For real? Like where you can count them anytime!!?

We see on you tube and face book a digital storage system for thumbs ups and likes. To me this is a digital prototype for fair voting. Each year we hear on the news that voting is not trusted that we need votes recounted, that we don’t trust the vote. Well for thousands of videos and news articles we can see how many people supported them and how many people did not. Still yet we use the electoral college and some sort of hidden, un-audit-able system of voting here in our country for politicians who never do what they say.

We have the systems now technologically to allow individual voting on individual issues. The only real human job now is that of acting on the results or auditing them. This is not like trying to audit the current votes which we can’t seem to go back and do or auditing the DNA of Osama bin Laden which we also now we can’t seem to go back and do. No this would be hard disk stored and backed up votes on the issues themselves. Small government can merely see to it that the results are implemented into the community.

Wait what!!!?? Are you trying to say now that the INTERNET allows us to go in a vote on specific issues, take the wild ability of control away from the political arena!!?  I feel like I could get stuck on a drone strike list for writing this!

Anyways with all the  people coming back around and questioning Obama in yet another election (it seems we question the vote each time since I have been alive) and no where on the net can I find anyone mentioning an idea to change it up for the better. I don’t claim to have that idea I just notice the ability in what we already have.

I don’t see there being needs for a big change small gov and people are ready for it also.

Anyways sorry for ranting..

Health Care in America – Helping or Killing?

Is there a war on Human Health? Do some humans want others sick and dead? These crazy questions are coming out of the plethora of research papers and test results indicating that 89% of our health care system’s current practices are harmful or fatal to it’s recipients. I first heard this statistic recently from Dr. Jennifer Daniels (watch the clip on you tube). With statistics like these and others deaning America the sickest, obese-st, diabetic and cancerous group of people on the planet, at what point do we start to question the system administering and leading our health care?

Taking closer looks at U.S. Health Care it becomes defined that insurance companies decide what practices doctors get paid to do. Our children’s human care and health practice is mandated by the large banking firms and corporation’s that allow broker’s to sell you health insurance and then lobby government to mandate insurance and they likely own other investments in the health industry. The other commanders in the U.S. “Health” force are big government policies and the industry commonly now known as “big pharmaceutical,” or “big pharma.”

On the virtual world of Google searching you can pull up test results that show harmful ingredients, effects and results, in many of todays drugs. We find loads of data about false information about schemes, harmful demonic human testing in Africa and other parts of the world and with U.S. Citizens. So go look into it, a near 800,000 person a year silent killer sounds like the biggest enemy of homeland to me.

We have to ask ourselves the question after seeing this clip , “are we paying into a system that educates killers, and then paying again to have ourselves killed?” I have read for hours in last past few weeks on this and now when I flip on a news station and hear the Obama care plan and the other senseless ideas being thrown back and forth, I can’t stop thinking about Dr. Daniels and her points and the studies that she brought up. I have done the personal responsibility research on it and now it really feels like I took a red-pill (yes, the one from the Matrix)! As a free nation we should have the right to choose our doctors and doctors should have the right to practice what is working not what is profitable for people. I found her statistics and verified them from a plethora of different studies and health care information. I certainly feel after just a few hours of research that she was right to say this situation should just be abandoned all together. Free country, freedom to choose, freedom to try, as long as we have freedoms we don’t have these problems. We were a nation to limit freedom only to infringing on others freedoms. We seem to be being fed into a meat grinder or “car wash” as an American routine or policy. What is a fantasy and what is reality? I live in 2013 I surely do not know the answer this question.

I for one have done my research, and I am completely sure that I need to interview my doctor, check references on them, take personal responsibility for my case or illness and research it on my own. I am responsible for choosing the right care for me and my children with my own brain and this issue to me is the most important issue to me and my family. I would not take myself or my family to the mainstream traditional hospitals after what I have learned about them and there health care. I choose not to vaccinate, I choose not to use Pharmaceutical drugs, but instead all natural remedies for my illness and have been choosing this way for the last 6 years, and have not been unusually sick like most of my peers back in the States (I am not there anymore- I have chosen to stay away also). I have not ever in my own life needed to go to the hospital even in some very serious altercations.

I also know that some are not able to choose for their children because of the family courts in America. Another meat grinder for the American Family.

Left the Country!!??

There are many benefits to living outside the U.S. not just in health care or family freedoms but also in tax and financial, business red tape, and more, and more, and more. I know an Indian Goods trader here that in New Mexico traded in these goods for 15 years on a square where 50-500 other businesses (50 permanent storefronts, and 500 during events and fairs) traded these same goods. The FBI came in a “bust” and fined him for $75,000.00 for a satchel having a red tailed owl feather attached to it. This was around 10 years ago, now a days law enforcement agencies are bothering and molesting people on a daily basis for any little thing. In the states I was getting suits from everyone in the world saying my truck hit them, or saying they cut their hand outside of my building! I was getting harassed by foreclose notices to the biggest case of bank fraud the world has ever seen.

I have been listening to the Doctor’s radio show and what she has to say for a few months now, I feel like I have really learned a lot from her and her husband and I have found that have a very efficient and simple way of doing things that is really quite genius. I am anxious to get more organized and start trying more of the good Doctor’s recommended treatments. One recommend; “turpentine with a spoon full of sugar,” I discussed with my father who said, “that’s the craziest thing I ever heard.” I have spoken to a few of Jennifer’s weight loss patients who have been doing this and each of them has told me that they swear it has had a great effect on the clarity of their minds and in their joint pain also. Turpentine is just a pine extract fro the tree’s sap. I have tried one serving so far, and I am eager to continue a some trials now after hearing the good reviews!

See more Dr. Daniels at

Ania Rodriguez of Latin America