Solutions – Want to really vote? For real? Like where you can count them anytime!!?

We see on you tube and face book a digital storage system for thumbs ups and likes. To me this is a digital prototype for fair voting. Each year we hear on the news that voting is not trusted that we need votes recounted, that we don’t trust the vote. Well for thousands of videos and news articles we can see how many people supported them and how many people did not. Still yet we use the electoral college and some sort of hidden, un-audit-able system of voting here in our country for politicians who never do what they say.

We have the systems now technologically to allow individual voting on individual issues. The only real human job now is that of acting on the results or auditing them. This is not like trying to audit the current votes which we can’t seem to go back and do or auditing the DNA of Osama bin Laden which we also now we can’t seem to go back and do. No this would be hard disk stored and backed up votes on the issues themselves. Small government can merely see to it that the results are implemented into the community.

Wait what!!!?? Are you trying to say now that the INTERNET allows us to go in a vote on specific issues, take the wild ability of control away from the political arena!!?  I feel like I could get stuck on a drone strike list for writing this!

Anyways with all the  people coming back around and questioning Obama in yet another election (it seems we question the vote each time since I have been alive) and no where on the net can I find anyone mentioning an idea to change it up for the better. I don’t claim to have that idea I just notice the ability in what we already have.

I don’t see there being needs for a big change small gov and people are ready for it also.

Anyways sorry for ranting..


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