DNA 2012 Advancements – The Real Elite Seperation and Front for War – Chasing Oprah

Oprah looks 25 all of the sudden.How is this? DNA??? (joking..or)OPrah-winfrey-inhanced-2013-style

You may want to keep it in mind next time you think about shoplifting that candy bar, if it’s coding your DNA as a real scientific low life.

a-2013-02-16_1825-dna-new-rnd-002The Race. we know DNA can make you live longer and will possess the ability to shut down disease. What does this mean to the community that believes the world is right now over.populated? This of course is a myth, if there is any truth in this thinking its that when the population reaches a certain size it will be unable to be as easily controlled and will discover sciences as fast or faster than governments. Should Eugenicists or Population Controllers take a stand strongly for these population control agenda’s, how strongly will the take their stand? Strongly enough to prevent these advances? How would they do that now? What about those profiting from the current medical industry, namely “big insurance, and big pharmaceutical,” who would loose trillions each year? Will these people suppress this advancement or information? To what extremes will these humans go to secure their riches and grand lifestyles? Remember this is a golden science a rush of the rich if not already posses advanced abilities in DNA they will fast. One thing that’s going to be necessary is mass DNA sampling. For much of this science mass DNA sampling would advance things much faster. The science is here folks after 50 some years of calling the matter “Junk DNA” we now know the matter is the opposite of Junk, but the key to real health and long life, and with 15583186-blue-dna-helix-backgroundtodays medicine, its also the cure to economic troubles for many households. Imagine that you were impervious to cancer, or HIV and other disease. Is humanity even ready for this? The key thing to remember here as we learn about this exiting science age is that DNA is coding and storing the information about what choices you have made in both emotional and conscious understanding circumstances as you live your life. Simply put, should you know that a stock deal, trade or industry such as sub-prime is rigged and you push it anyway, you are genetically representing that scummy decision in your life’s DNA blue print, your life’s black box / recording device. I don’t know how there is not one article on the net right now that theorizes or points this out boldly enough. I have written a series on it, catch up my fellow humans, this is the cutting edge of a new existence for humanity!

tombstoneThe War. We would never know this war in truth, but I can see one coming. Should Obama Care, Big Pharma, or Big Insurance, or the population control people want to remain in power, or want to advance there agendas they will have to quickly, and seriously oppress the worlds population to do it. The would distract us with sickness, and other health issues, health politics (yes, did I just say health politics?), or some sort of disaster to take the focus off of attaining this information and ability as a world populous.

So what do we do here? We can compartmentalize the way we deal with health. This big ship health-care will sink us (or already is), so one staple part of capitalism can give us some BoYancy. That staple is competition and individual freedom to choose who attends to you health. Selectiveness is an option, take a look at the Oklahoma Surgery Center, at the end of the day flying there, or even internationally will cost you less inside health care you can trust more.Each time you visit these doctors make sure you turn them on to the DNA material we have so far. Press the science amongst your peers. Use it as something to talk about and create discussion. The faster we advance DNA research at the independent level world-wide, the faster we eliminate the need of some to keep the information and science held back. Bottom line get this information out, if your a geneticist of biologist get t2013-02-13_2055-dna-changes-music-making-yamahao work on this, its the most important science to humanity in the world.

You know me today as your true and loyal writer from Latin America Ania Rodriguez, what you may know me tomorrow as, well we will just have to see where this DNA stuff takes us..


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