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Hi welcome to my personal Blog. Here I write about all sorts of different stuff, whatever comes to interest. I am currently in Nicaragua, just left Guatemala and am soon headed for India.

To give an overview of the work I am doing:

Scientific Crop Pattern,  6 pointed, triangles,

Scientific Crop Pattern, 6 pointed, triangles, “Star of David” shape

I am a dedicated research specialist, specializing in Ancient Civilizations and interpreting Ancient Information. I am currently working on geometric pattern comparisons found on the earth in Ancient times with those also represented by:

  1. Crop Circles
  2. Art of all time periods, groups, races, and religions.
  3. Known mathematical equations and other known scientific information.
  4. Sound-wave or sound generated patterns.

I will start at plain collections and comparisons which is fairly easy on the net. I will work on towards trying to decode the patterns into scientific meaning and known representations, as well possible representations.

I will start from crop circles as in my preliminary research I have concluded that they are most likely and almost absolutely NOT the work of humans on earth. I believe that they are guiding messages towards humanity as a whole in a positive and more scientifically advanced direction.

I saw right away when I started this project that,  the Nasca ( Nazca ) Peruvian Civilization

Nasca Patterns for the Sky

Nasca “Patterns for the Sky” remain in the earth today

( Nazca society developed during the Early Intermediate Period and is generally divided into the Proto Nazca (phase 1, 100 BCE – 1 CE), the Early Nazca (phases 2–4, 1–450 CE), Middle Nazca (phase 5, 450–550 CE) and Late Nazca (phases 6–7, 550–750 CE) cultures (Vaughn, 2006). -Wikapedia ) strikes amazing and immediate resemblence of an attempt to respond to a crop circle type of formation of today. Likely even they did these drawings in corn or grain crops that existed there at that time also. They certainly are communications to be seen by the sky. A fun question is would the sender be able to see them too maybe?

They are all comparable dimensions. Ancient responses would need intensive measuring, and would of course be done the by human hand and therefore unlike modern crop patterns found in todays living cops that seem to be perfectly bent over stalks, the Nasca patterns for the sky would last on for some time. oddly in mountains of on-line forums, research reports, and blog writing I have not seen these dots connected, AT ALL.

Monkey or Mono Nazca period Peru

Monkey or Mono Nazca period Peru

I have found an interesting amount of cover-up-looking information about crop circles and would like to stress that any contra or info about authentication would much appreciated. You can yourself also read the wealth of criticism and seemingly unfounded negativity towards these patterns, as well as hundreds of hardly plausible idea’s about why they were formed.

I think the idea that these people sat down and drew out per-drawn images to communicate back to another intelligent communicator, is rock solid. I think that if this civilization, found a crop pattern in their crops it would become there number one priority. I don’t see much out there as far as current theory for the motivation to make these ancient patterns that sounds better.

It’s fun to imagine the “gods must be crazy type” of scenario that ensued with the finding of crop circles and creations of responses. Inca’s were the descendants of God, an Empire that lived just after the Nazca people and may have included them.

I have concluded a series of further conclusions already, so take a look at my blog, and keep up on it, I am getting somewhere here and fast.

Thank you for your time and interest,



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