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A Study of Nasca Drawings to the Sky & Book of Mormon Connections to the Time.

Ania Rodriguez – Jan 11 2013

Warning: Yes, I feel the Book of Mormon to be evidently supported enough to be considered. I am discussing crop cricles here also which I belive 100% to be from another world. 

220px-Apollonius_annulus_no_eqs_black.svgBeing a ten year convert to the LDS church I knew right away within weeks of my newly assigned research project that there were heavy connections between the described resurrection period in the Book of Mormon Stories, and the curiously touched by another world, Nazca Civilization of the Incan Region (South America, Peru, Chile, Andes, Amazon).

The Nazca Civilization and research has been also curiously skipped over for the major slice of the Ancient American research focus. For those of who are unfamiliar:

Nazca society developed during the Early Intermediate Period and is generally divided into the Proto Nazca (phase 1, 100 BCE – 1 CE), the Early Nazca (phases 2–4, 1–

Book of Mormon, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Book of Mormon, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

450 CE), Middle Nazca (phase 5, 450–550 CE) and Late Nazca (phases 6–7, 550–750 CE) cultures (Vaughn, 2006).

The Book of Mormon’s stories are thought to cover the period of time from 2200 BC to AD 421 and mention Christ beaming down to earth in a beam of life as a resurrected being onto the American Continental Population.

Let’s introduce crop circles into this connect-the-dots. No one seems to be connecting the Nazca drawings to their probability of being responses to crop circles. They are roughly the same size and are the only other land art to or from the sky like them outside of crop circles.

Interestingly 2400 BC is thought to be the first year of construction on the European located Silbury Hill. A very large portion of the modern-day crop circles have been found in Europe in this region. Should we be planting crops at Nazca now to receive these crop writings there? Worth trying in my opinion. The next question is would there be Christian significance to the Silbury Hill site? I will let that one slip through the cracks for now.

Crops are the canvas for these large writings, and looking at that nature is interesting. Living crops. Hmmm…. we won’t connect the Avatar movie into the mix just yet…

There is a subduction area of Nazca plate under southern Chile that has a history of producing massive earthquakes, to include the largest recorded ever, a scale 9.5.This is consistent with stories in the Book of Mormon. We can really go on and, on and, on to describe the ancient culture and landscapes described in the Book of Mormon and see that the book is describing South or Central America for the most part, but this earthquake plate could really point us at Nazca for the reserection visit of Christ to the America’s.

Nazca Mono

Could this tail pattern be an attempt to compare designs received in crop circles with things that in their world?

The Empire that may have included the Nasca people at one point, the Incan Empire, would later rule a region as large as connecting the Panama Canal with Philadelphia.

It is said that one Incan Ruler named “Pachacuti” or “Pachecutec” who’s name translated is “the one who shakes the earth” may have ruled with and set the example of humbleness and charity. While force was sometimes involved and the Inca Empire did grow to be the largest Empire in the Ancient South America’s, we think this rapid expansion was using these peaceful annexing principles featured in Pachecutec’s reputation. Legends have it that rulers in that day annexed nearby communities by giving them charities and by teaching them new things. What a thought!? This ruler lived around 1438.

One source of information I found thought that the Great Empire interestingly may have lasted only 100 years.  Pachacutti, according to sources, was the ninth ruler of the Inca state, who is said to have come from a lower governing position.

Social & Psychological Point of Interest – In today’s social models we see rebellious youth’s become valiant soldiers and geniuses in recognition and often independant respects of higher principles, like that of charity.

After leading a military defense against the warlike army of “Chanca” while his father Inca Viracocha and his brother Urco Inca fled, this victory recognized Pachacutec as the succeeding ruler around 1438. Could this be starting to sound like a possible echo in Book of Mormon scriptures? Sapa Inca Mayta Cápac was the full name of Pachacutti , a fourth generation Sapa Inca. Sapa Inca is translated to “child of the sun” and is the title for Incan Ruler.

Check out the Wikapedia cultural periods of peru chart here :

It was an Incan state belief that their civilization was established by God himself, this belief adds to the idea that the rapid Incan expansion was of a voluntary expansion. This would fall right into line with a powerful visit in the start of there time also. This is the reason that the Incan Empire did not take responsibility for the City of Puma Puncu in which civilization did exist 100 years earlier to the birth of the Incan Empire. There are indications that as the Incan generations past this may have turned into a belief also that they were the first human civilization. By the art styles we can see that Puma Puncu was a similar but surely different people. Puma Punca was badly desecrated over the years,by looters.

Remember that what most of what we have from the Incan Period is fro

Felipe Guaman Poma Journal

Felipe Guaman Poma de Aya

m the picture journal of Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayalais, and Incan who lived during the Spanish Inquisition. We are very lucky to have these works. His manuscript is dated 1615.

The peak of the Chancas expansion is thought to have occurred between the years 1200 and 1438 and it was their attack on the Incan City, Cuzco, Peru that Sapa Inca the 4rth, heir after to be known as “Pachacutti”  (this name also was used four times before for four different Incan rulers) earned his crown. The Chanca people were said to be peaceful farmers that turned evil to the point of terrible torture of prisoners, on to interest in the idea of war against peaceful neighbors. In 1438 leader Hanan Chanca “Anccu Hualloc” some how, mystified himself in some way to raise up 40,000 troops to attack Cuzco. I don’t want to get hung up on, what is said to be years after the Nazca time, although these are some interesting stories from a time close enough. I wonder what the motive was for this attack? It could reasonably be as simple as the same greed and control-freakism we see today. The extremity of the legend behind Hanan Chanca could suggest the man had secret knowledge, ability or physical attributes that made him seen as god-like.

Nasca Bird

Nazca Bird Pattern for the Sky

We have a lot more information on the end of the Incan Empire, than we do about it’s origins, beginning or about the Nazca People who thrived from 100 to 750 CE. The idea about their decline is that an El Niño–Southern Oscillation weather pattern, damaged the Nasca crops around 500 CE and the people slowly diminished after. Most call an earlier “proto-Nasca” era to have been the civilizations origins 1, 100 BCE – 1 CE. Nasca remained a people up towards, 750 A.E.

The Serpent was the most popularly recognized species in the world of the Nascas, as if an anthropomorphic mythical being. It is believed definitely that the co-existant Moche culture based in northwest Peru,featured shamans that apparently used hallucinogenic drugs, possibly  ” Iowaska “, or the extractions from the San Pedro cactus (which we think was affirmatively cultivated) as rumored more from regions in Mexico and New Mexico such as, to induce visions. The use of such substances is also depicted in art found on pottery related to people of the Nazca (Silverman and Proulx, 2002), as well is the use of cocaine. and Marijuana. Religious events and ceremonies are believed to have take place in the Nasca city of Cahuachi. The Nazca people are recognized for worshiping the nature gods to aid in the growth of agriculture. Many of their drawings and Northern American Indian tribal drawings feature the corn crop specifically, as a spiritual item they respect greatly. Could this be because it was in their corn fields that they found other crop circles or writings from the sky? There certainly seems to be a legendary trait of value placed on the corn crop in all of the Ancient American Continental tribes and civilizations. They felt a great connection to miez (corn).

Could this be a reply to the Nasca Message for the Sky?

Could this be a reply to the Nasca Message for the Sky?

Many of the patterns, at Nasca look almost exactly like crop patterns we are receiving today. This is the point where I start to lose faith in Wikipedia’s information. This source (and it’s stated sources) claims all these where made by confessed pranksters. It repeats this story about three times over on the same page. Not to get hung up a debate about Wikipedia as a resource but clearly there is some more cover up, as these marvelous gigantic designs where NOT made with humans and ropes. Wikipedia does agree with most other sources that modern day crop circles have been most popular on earth from the 1970’s till now.

What would the primitive communicate to the Sky? Things about their life, similarities between things on and in their world, to the patterns received likely. Nasca seems to be the only civilizations to feature these drastic earth patterns. Could it be that they were something featured more closely to the coming of Christ that is described in the Book of Mormon? Could the fact that we are reviving them now be a sign of the Second coming? We have really started to see a recent record of them start in the 1960’s but as of the last decade they are popping up left and right.

Nazca Monkey Tail Crop Pattern

The Monkey’s tale is seen again in 2004, Wiltshire.

There is an overwhelming amount of skepticism regarding crop circles out there. There are 1000’s of cover-up and derogatory sites out there about them. There are over 5000 well documented crop circles in existence. This time is a curiously similar situation to the Spanish inquisition where Catholicism is pushed over everything and native documentation and learning is burned and destroyed. The Spanish Inquisition, the Crusades and Hitler’s Third Reich were some of histories bigger examples of information theft and control, and public library destruction.

I have seen a lot of destruction in the sites like Cuzco. I have studied Machu Pichu, and we are so lucky the inquisition never found this place and it stands in an awesome state of preservation. Excavation on the lower area is just now starting and Hiram Bingham found the site in 1911. The existence of strong anti-Christian or wolf-in-sheeps-clothing-Christian is interesting, such as the Catholic Church who has like the largest standing history of murder and destruction,

This was found at Silbury Hill- Crop Circle

This was found at Silbury Hill- Crop Circle

pedophilia, rape, secrecy, treasure hording, and conquest. Yes any descent liar knows to mix in a little truth so, the worlds richest landlords have some charity food drives and such sprinkled about their practices. What counter balance calls for the need of such human brotherly oppression that rivals the idea described in scripture, that man will be evil and will choose to do so, in a serpent tainted existence? Or is the oppression of a few against the many rather than us against ourselves as well, stalling our progression and battling for souls? Elite classes have been seen in most historical civilizations. Is this natural human progression, strongest, alpha in charge, or is there a seriously advanced knowledge or power that the elite class possesses. Surely should we take a time machine back to the day’s under King Richard the Lion Heart with the knowledge of today we would quickly become elite. Is it simply selfishness and those who discovered certain information or became truly evil and destroyed their brothers and information for the public in order to stay a step ahead of the game? Did this selfishness become the platform for the incest practiced of many ruling classes, the lack of interest to share? Would an organization like this turn to absolute evil doings in the end in a natural downward spiral of gluttony.

Sound generated pattern study also comes up with many of the unique patterns seen in the Nasca Lines, and in many Crop Circle Patterns. Oddly national and religious representations, also represented in ancient civilizations all over the world.  Lucifer’s music? Natural vibrations in the universe that form a weeding out process of bad human genetics? Crab in the barrel mentalities? A Hum of some sort emitted? Music makes plants grow faster and healthier they say.

The Chavin, the music and sound appreciating ancestors of the Nazca and Incan peoples, were located in the Andean highlands of Peru from 900 BC to 200 BC. The built advanced irrigation systems, and even spiritual arena’s where the irrigation flow would cause the a jaguar-like roar to boom as flood rushes were opened. The had amazing artwork carved into gold and stone. Writing in gold was popular. The Book of Mormon was said by Joseph Smith to be originally written on gold plates of Nephi.

Ininity Symbols, Circles, trixillions, square coils -Chavin Art Peice

Infinity Symbols, Circles, trixillions, square coils, feathers -Chavin Art Peice

Originaly scholars felt that the development of Chavín social complexities coincided with the cultivation of maize (the spanish word for corn) to the point of having agricultural surpluses. An analysis of carbon isotope in the human bones found at Chavín sites, showed that the diet consisted mainly of C3 foods such as potatoes and quinoa (bananas), while maize, a C4 food, was not a part of the main diet. So why the importance on corn if they were not eating it? A large portion of the Crop Circles today are found in corn crops, could these crop patterns have existed then. Take some time to compare cop circle pattern and some of the patterns art styles, to that of the chavin culture. “Infinity” or “ying and yang” representations are found throughout as well as square coils, circles and circle relationships as well as feather rounds, and web style opposites are found in both styles. In some smaller villages of Peru today dried corn is used as a trading currency, with the claim that it has been that way for along time. Stockpiles of dried corn and murals of corn worship have been found in ruins throughout American Indian history.

Evidence of exchange with outside civilizations is found in the Chavin city. Jarabarriu is the name given to the horizon chapter of the Chavin existence. This was a time of rapid population expansion from 400 to 250 BC.The Chavins were governed by a small group of elite, that claimed to have a divine connection.

Infinity, Cirles, Square Coils, feather shaps -Modern Day Crop Circle

Infinity, Cirles, Square Coils, feather shapes -Modern Day Crop Circle

Is Chavin the birth of the Shamman? Hallucinogenics were used, but by how many is not known. Art depicts heads with snot running out of the nostrils. This sounds real familiar to the affects of Ayahuasca rather than the effects of the Cactus. Mortars were have also been found for mixing and crushing. Today the shamans well tell you that the plants and plant spirits or God’s introduced the Ayahuasca brew. Art depicts priest or Shaman like figures walking with bowls in their hands towards steps. Ayahuasca has been in the research eye that last 30 years and many are finding it is curing emotional and some physical problems, as well as drug addictions. I have heard of several experiences with Ayahuasca myself, and 8 of nine have been positive, and each has told me “revealing.” In the coming year I will at least witness the ceremony personally. A Joe Rogan podcast covers an experience were a mother and son did the ritual drug together on a special trip to Peru if you want a fun way to familiarize yourself with the experience. Is the trend of Ayahuasca use, the Shaman body-cleanse and cure all, spiking again because the world population is experiencing traumas that need the Shaman s help? Some people today believe this.

There are interesting serpent representations today in official symbolism. In this age of crop circles

Sacred art - Chavin site

Sacred art – Chavin site

as well as the possible age of them in the Nazca or Chivan communities, the art is certainly comparable. An interesting side note is that the TSA symbol, the United Nations symbols and the Medical Industry symbols all feature oddly placed serpents or scientific related designs. One ancient piece found in the Chavin city displayed a series of faces watching a smiling serpent head. This same piece flipped shows the peoples faces now as snakes themselves as hair on a warriors head. This coding, secrecy and mystery is most common amongst “darker forces” in nature and cultures.

Could some of these calendars be referencing crop communication cycles? Could certain technologies have been given through these communications? Can they still be taken from these communications? The bird communication looks like a frustrated sender created it to help to connect these dots in this paper, to me.

Dr. Swift a modern day independent church leader and pastor did a presentation about his very long research mission of the Nazca people and the Nazca lines and highlights his conclusions with some strong discoveries. The first being a piece of completed pottery lab tested to 140 A.D. and recognized as consistent Nazca artistic patterns and painting. This piece is a water drinking piece, like a canteen that is built to resemble an was presented under the disclaimer from him of “this is the first time the world is seeing this.” There are other claims in general archaeological, of toy findings and other representations of chariots or wheels in Nazca and Olmec research.The next is the thought that the spider drawing is a very small spider that a person needs a lens to see called a “roconilla” (this is what I thought he called it in my notes) I can’t find this spider. I could find a Brazilian Walking spider that looks like the Nazca. Drawing and is a man killer and one of the most venomous spiders in Latin America. Killing ability would certainly make a species notable enough to report about. He strongly believed the alien looking man to be a normal fisherman at the time, with a hat and a fainter 60 ft, fish on line to his left.

Let’s talk fashion just for a minute. The Book of Mormon accounts of clothing styles in warriors is consistent with those described much later by the Spanish inquisition. An Idea I am having on this one is that happy, un oppressed people would culturally see change much more slowly. Sure there is always fighting, but if happiness was a wide spread and felt generality, culture trends would represent it, through possibly intensifying it, and surely through guarding the culture, hence the similar looking garments thousands of years later. This is Book of Mormon and healthy lifestyle supportive information, that is indicative of a very high level of social discipline and morality. The Incan populations were reportedly observed singing in harmony each morning across the entire Empire. This is a fascinating concept of life to me. This experience of harmony unity and sounds in a community or Empire must have taken something Demonic to destroy it!  Today we live a very clouded and polluted difference, and are disconnected and separated and hold much less morality. We can see all of what I am talking about in the pictures of Felipe Guaman Poma de Aya’s journal I mentioned earlier.

Alma wrote in circa 90 B.C.

“And now, because of the steadiness of the church they began to be exceedingly rich, having abundance of all things whatsoever they stood in need-an abundance of flocks and herds, and fatlings of every kind, and also abundance of every kind, and also abundance of grain, and of gold, and of silver, and precious things, and abundance of silk and fine-twined linen, and all manner of good homely cloth” (Alma 1:29).

The fine twilled cloth has been apart of Nazca findings and many pieces exist today of a very high quality very “fine-twined” cloth. There is a crown made of gold with artisan writing, or drawings, found. This site was likely looted of gold, silver and other riches before “archeology” was ever conducted.There are accounts of the Spanish being told there was an ancestor that wrote like the Spanish language, but that it was lost, as said in, Jacob’s prophecy (Jacob 4:1-4)

About 585 B.C:, some 600 years before Christs birth 1 Nephi 18:25 says,

And it came to pass that we did find upon the land of promise, as we journeyed in the wilderness, that there were beasts in the forests of every kind, both the cow and the ox, and the ass and the horse, and the goat and the wild goat, and all manner of wild animals, which were for the use of men. And we did find all manner of ore both of gold, and of silver, and of copper.

We had thought the horse came with the spanish inquisition, following 100’s of years of extinction in the Americas could gold writing practice have died off during the Incan times and a horse populus also? Could horses have lived in the Americas and never be used in the way that the Spanish used them? Thar surely was less of an intention for war amongst these people as they didn’t develop weaponry to the point the Europeans did. Could they have simply respected the horse and left it alone never to tain it, a fairly aggressive act. The horse thing is a big controversy surrounding the Book of Mormon text as the science arena has little evidence of them being here in those times. Again if they were allowed to roam wild, tests on living sites showing no horse DNA doesn’t rule out that they were simply not domesticated at those times. Science and soil tests could be detecting that the culture of domesticating horsed died out, not necessarily the horses themselves. Main stream paleontology currently believes thee horse dies off with the wooly mammoth in the American Region some 8000 years ago. In 1929 Dr. Scott reported on the skeleton of a mastodon in Ecuador which had probably been killed by Indians; indeed, they had seemingly roasted the flesh, making fires within the body-cavity of the large animal. This is a Book of Mormon supportive find obviously. “As we journeyed into the wilderness,” they found these species.

This one like all of my stuff is a humble work in progress. Should you be able to evolve my idea’s in anyway I would be very appreciative!

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